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006 Keeping Loved Ones Close When Travelling Far and Wide

I am spending the first week of the New Year with my family in the Pacific Northwest, and so I interrupt the usual travel & China story time with a post about family and friends and thankfulness. Never fear, we return to the usual picture-fest of exotic locales next week!

As I will be moving halfway around the world to China at the end of the month (or maybe beginning of February, one never knows with China), I am taking the time to make sure I hang out with friends and family who are near and dear to me. Whether it is making an 18-hour round trip drive just to see a close high school friend who I haven’t spoken with in four years, or taking out a week in the middle of visa-application madness to hang with my parents, traveling so far and so often away from the people closest to me has really emphasized how important they are in my life.

When one moves around a lot, geographic proximity to loved ones is often sacrificed, and we only see snippets of their lives via social media, or staticky Skype calls home. So having the opportunity to be physically present, even if only for a short time is extra precious to us.


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